Customer-Focused Change

The End of Management as We Know It?

December 18th, 2016 | Posted in Journey News

In the past there has been a lot written about the difference between managers and leaders in terms of the people and the roles they perform. My personal view is that there is little place in the 21st century for ‘managing’ and that organisations now …

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A Fresh Pair of Eyes

October 22nd, 2016 | Posted in Journey News

As we have been reviewing the Journey business and the benefits we are able to offer our clients, (see for a full list) it has become clear that there is one thing which is often valued above all else – and that is our objectivity. …

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Building an engaged workforce

August 7th, 2016 | Posted in Journey News

Employee engagement lies at the heart of what we do, although we see it as an outcome of leaders doing the right things, rather than as a process in its own right… There is compelling evidence that improving employee engagement can significantly improve organisational performance across a number of …

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